Exterior Waterproofing

We can provide spray on rubber membrane solutions

PIM+ Type S is a permanent sealer, hardener, moisture, vapour barrier and more. PIM+ Type S permanently replaces water soluble salt crystals within the concrete with insoluble silicate crystals. PIM+ Type S contains unique proprietary catalysts, which allow the following to take place:

Concrete Densifiers

  • Permanent Protection
  • Water based, non-toxic, environmentally and ecologically friendly
  • Waterproofs (Holding a Hydrostatic Head)
  • Reduces or Eliminates damage to concrete from freeze-thaw cycles, salt or chemical attacks
  • Densifies, Hardens, Reduces wear from abrasion
  • Reduces cracking from hotspots during curing
  • Neutralizes alkali in concrete substrates
  • Reduces vapour transmission saving floor coverings and coatings from capillary rise of moisture
  • Increases bond of secondary coatings up to 300%
  • Protects rebar from chloride attack and corrosion
  • Waterproofing, Hardening, and  Preserving of Concrete Surfaces
  • Non-altering of surface texture and color
  • Suitable on any masonry surface

Rubber Membranes

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COLPHENE 3000 :  is used to waterproof foundation walls, plaza decks, tunnels, etc. It must always be laid on clean, dry, solid substrates.

COLPHENE 3000 :  A peel and stick self-adhesive waterproofing membrane composed of SBS modified bitumen and a polyethylene woven complex.

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